Shotguns & Shooting  |  08/27/2019

Fabarm L4S Grey Hunter, 12-Gauge


Shotgun Showcase 2019 Top-10 Pick:


An attractive semiauto with a unique, stable design and strong functionality

By Rachel Hoveland

L4S is Fabarm’s line of semiautomatics designed specifically for upland bird hunting. The line utilizes Fabarm’s springless Pulse Piston gas system and boasts a unique forearm design where the wood is independent of the structural assembly of the gun—allowing the action to be accessible without full shotgun disassembly and preventing forearm stress cracking.

The L4S Grey Hunter features semi-deluxe Turkish walnut wood with satin oil finish and light-colored receiver with an engraved upland hunting scene. The bolt release is located on the left-hand side of the receiver, which, while strange at first, reviewers commented was intuitive and easy-to-use once you get accustomed to it. Reviewers complimented the cohesive, stable platform of the firearm and attractive styling, rating the firearm strongly in Style, Function and Price.

Includes four flush choke tubes; available in 26-inch and 28-inch barrel options.

MSRP: $1,825

Weight: 6-5


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