Habitat Specialists

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever Habitat Specialists do the boots-on-the ground work that is upland habitat creation and improvement. In select areas of the country, they are available for hire to complete wildlife habitat projects and wildlife habitat maintenance. In other areas, Pheasants Forever has partnered with state wildlife agencies to place Habitat Specialists in areas where they work on public land habitat management and improvement.

*Contact information is only provided for private land habitat specialists available for hire.
Austin Humphrey Russellville, Arkansas AR    
Peter Wood Russellville, Arkansas AR    
Austin Ray Russellville, Arkansas AR    
Doug Carter Russellville, Arkansas AR    
Christopher Humphrey Russellville, Arkansas AR    
Arick Jaime Lamar, Colorado CO    
Evan Jacobs Lamar, Colorado CO    
Paul Miles Albany, Georgia GA    
Dallas Arnold Albany, Georgia GA    
Jessica Mannion Albany, Georgia GA    
John Holmes Clinton Wildlife Area KS    
Logan Cares Grand Osage Wildlife Area KS    
Ty Gatton Grand Osage Wildlife Area KS    
Hunter Hanzlick McPherson Valley Wetland KS    
Matthew Sostarich Glen Elder Wildlife Area KS    
Austin Stover Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area KS    
Dalton Oliver Cedar Bluff Wildlife Area KS    
Madison Fell Texas Lake WA/Pratt Sandhills WA KS    
Aden Shorney Jamestown Wildlife Area KS    
Stephen Anderson Melvern Wildlife Area KS    
Emmalie Hurla Fall River Wildlife Area KS    
Christopher Walker Fall River Wildlife Area KS    
Cody Stegman Perry Wildlife Area KS    
Casey Shaw Norton Wildlife Area KS    
Scott Kluge Wild Turkey Playa Wetland KS    
Russell Haynes Milford Wildlife Area KS    
Danny Wells Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area KS    
Stephen Carnduff Byron Walker Wildlife Area KS    
Zackry Stamps Glen Elder Wildlife Area KS    
Caleb Hinck Webster Wildlife Area KS    
Michael Daniels Wilson Wildlife Area & Smoky Hills Wildlife Area KS    
Josiah Sutton Shaw Nature Reserve MO    
Ty Price Shaw Nature Reserve MO    
Phoebe Ellis Shaw Nature Reserve MO    
Virgil Gluth Lewiston, Montana MT    
Steve Rockhold Billings, Montana MT    
Liam O'Connor Mission Valley, Montana MT    
Matt Rasmussen Hot Springs, South Dakota SD    
Justin Derga Pierre/Onida, South Dakota SD    
Bill Bushong Lemmon, South Dakota SD    
Corey Lee Mitchell, South Dakota SD    
Dustin May Yankton, South Dakota SD    
Brendan Kamerzell Aberdeen, South Dakota SD    
Carter Sergeant Watertown, South Dakota SD    
Brad Wood Burke, South Dakota SD    
Josh Schmidt Brookings, South Dakota SD    
Zachary Harris Pennsylvania PA    
Sonny Fazenbaker Pennsylvania PA    
Jimmy Mace Pennsylvania PA    
Matthew Lancaster Pennsylvania PA    
Georgia Port Pennsylvania PA    
Lori Pettigrew Pennsylvania PA    
Corey Houck Pennsylvania PA    
Quinton Shaner Pennsylvania PA    
Tyler Bowers Pennsylvania PA    
Anthony Trozzo Pennsylvania PA    
Taylor Blackman Pennsylvania PA    
Madison Ferner Pennsylvania PA    
Jacob Dean Crossville, Tennessee TN    
John Maynard Crossville, Tennessee TN    
Kalen Miller Crossville, Tennessee TN    
Hope Wilson Crossville, Tennessee TN    
Wyat Hansen Ogden Bay WMA UT