Bird Dogs & Training  |  04/01/2020

Podcast Ep. 65: Tony Peterson Sporting Dog Talk

In the spirit of kicking off Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s annual Bird Dogs for Habitat campaign, host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Tony Peterson, host of Sporting Dog Talk podcast.  Peterson is also the host of Hunt for Real podcast and frequent contributor to MeatEater, Outdoor News, Outdoor Life, Gun Dog, and Petersen’s Hunting.  Known as one of the country’s foremost public lands whitetail bowhunters, Peterson talks about his equal love for public land bird hunting and his fascination with bird dogs.

Episode highlights include:
•    Peterson compares and contrasts bow hunting whitetails to bird hunting, especially the role of scouting in both.
•    The pair talk about how some spots elicit the “Spidey sense” more than others.  
•    Peterson discusses interviewing hundreds of dog trainers over the years and how the really good dog folks think differently compared to the average bird dog owner. 
•    The conversation also expands into how bird dogs need and want a job, and how those jobs go beyond searching for feathers all the way to sniffing drugs, diseases, and endangered species.  
•    Peterson also explains his vision for connecting the outdoor adventure with the hunting audience through a mutual love of dogs.  Dogs are the natural bridge to bring two different audiences together around shared goals for wildlife, habitat and public lands.  
•    St.Pierre also gives an update on his new German shorthair puppy, Gitche Gumee, and her comical introduction to birds.


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