Recipes & Cooking  |  12/08/2021

Podcast Ep. 146: Taking Care of your Game Birds from Prairie to Plate

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Jonathon Tremblay from Walton’s Inc. to talk about caring for game bird meat from the moment it leaves your bird dog’s mouth to the time it hits your plate as a delicious meal. Tremblay also discusses Walton’s deep connections to hunting and conservation as a company, and how the pandemic changed the way Americans approach meat.    

Episode Highlights:
  • Jonathon talks about the two seasonings Walton’s developed specifically for Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever: Roasted Ringneck Rub and Bold Barbecue Quail.  
  • Bob reminisces about the comical old days of freezing birds in a block of ice, which resulted in a full freezer early into the hunting season.
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