Hunting & Heritage  |  02/01/2023

Next Generation of Forever: Part Three


Making a positive impact on the local habitat and community

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapter volunteers are the backbone of our organizations. They represent our boots on the ground, the pointy end of the spear, and provide the energy and passion that make our grassroots model and overall mission of upland habitat conservation thrive. That’s why we’re humbled and proud to share “The Next Generation of Forever.”

Leading up to National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic in Minneapolis Feb. 17th-19th, we’ll be celebrating select up-and-coming young volunteers from throughout the country who truly represent the future of our organizations. They have not only taken the ceremonial torch, but reignited the flame and are sprinting forward with it. So please join us in honoring and acknowledging…

The Next Generation of Forever
. . .

Maverick Fisher

Illinois: County Line Chapter of Quail Forever

Maverick Fisher is the president of the County Line Quail Forever chapter covering Clay and Wayne counties in southern Illinois - which was first chartered in 2020.

By trade, Fisher is a teacher, his specialty being welding and fabrication. He works with students of all ages to master the craft of MIG, stick and TIG welding at Olney Community College. Fisher truly cares about the mission of Quail Forever and sees the importance of creating and protecting habitat for all wildlife, not just southern Illinois quail. He’s been a hunter most of his life, and you can see his progression in his hunting photos. In old pictures you can tell he was invested mostly in the harvest of birds. He still cares about flushing a wild pheasant or a small covey, but in his more recent photos you can see how much pride he takes in the landscape and preserving these species, rather than just hunting them.

Nate Keck

South Dakota: Black Hills Chapter of Pheasants Forever

When it came time for Nate Keck and his wife to pick a location to put down some deeper roots and grow their family, it was important to them to be somewhere with a great outdoor culture — and ideally near good upland hunting. As fate would have it, they landed in South Dakota, the pheasant capital of the world, and now have two young boys along with two shorthairs to keep them busy. Keck volunteers as the vice president of the Black Hills Chapter of Pheasants Forever and spends much of his vacation time either hunting or attending various Pheasants Forever events.

Paul Daniels

Iowa: Clay County Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Paul Daniels is the current president of chapter #42, Clay County, Iowa, and has been a member for over a decade. Daniels has led the organization of the chapter’s spring and fall burning for many years, which includes working closely with the landowners and the local FSA office to meet the requirements for CRP programs. With his help, the chapter burned 1,700 acres last year and has 1,500 acres on the books for 2023.

Zachary Varner

Michigan: Bay/Midland Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Zach Varner became involved with Pheasants Forever in the mid-2000’s after graduating from college. His dad, Paul, has been involved with the Bay/Midland chapter since its inception in 1997. When Varner graduated, they both found Pheasants Forever was a way to spend more time together doing something they were both passionate about. Varner has held many roles including president and banquet chairman — and he’s the current secretary. Their chapter has made great contributions to the Pheasants Forever mission, including planting switchgrass, trees and other habitat, working on grants for new equipment, and helping with the annual fundraising banquet.

Jason Bell

Indiana: Region Ringnecks Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Jason Bell is one of the founding members of the Region Ringnecks Chapter of Pheasants Forever based out of Lake and Porter Counties in northwest Indiana. Bell has been an integral part of the chapter since its inception in 2020 and is always willing to dedicate his time and effort to Pheasants Forever’s mission. His desire to give back to upland birds led him to Pheasants Forever, and he now hopes to pass that passion and stewardship on to the next generation of outdoorsmen and women.

Ryan Rothstein

Minnesota: Stearns County Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Ryan Rothstein has been working for the Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) as a wildlife habitat specialist for the past four years. He became a member of the Stearns County Pheasants Forever Chapter shortly after joining the Stearns County SWCD, and his passion for wildlife has resulted in several new habitat initiatives.

Are you interested in making a positive impact on your local habitat and community? Want to connect with likeminded individuals? Find a chapter today and discover how easy and fulfilling it is to get involved. No chapters in your area? Reach out to the Regional Representative in your area and we’ll work with you to find an opportunity to start your own chapter or find an alternative way to make a difference for upland habitat, wildlife, and public access.

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