CZ Bobwhite G2, 20-Gauge


Shotgun Showcase 2019 Top-10 Pick:

Classically-styled side-by-side at a great price-point

By Rachel Hoveland

The Bobwhite is back! For 2019 CZ has brought back an updated generation of their popular boxlock side-by-side, the Bobwhite G2. The receiver and barrels are a muted black chrome, rather than traditional bluing, for increased durability and rust resistance. Embracing traditional styling, the firearm features Turkish walnut wood, an English stock and double triggers. While double triggers eliminate the need for a barrel selector, they can take some getting used to, as pointed out by many reviewers.

Overall, reviewers commented that the Bobwhite was a quick shouldering, classic-looking shotgun that would work well when hunting thick cover too.

Available in 28-inch barrels in 12-gauge, 20-gauge and 28-gauge.

MSRP: $655

Weight: 6-0