Shotguns & Shooting  |  08/27/2019

Benelli Montefeltro Silver Featherweight, 12-Gauge


Shotgun Showcase 2019 Top-10 Pick:

A slim, streamlined, easy-to-carry (and beautiful) semiauto for the all-day-long upland hunter

By Rachel Hoveland

Benelli’s Montefeltro has gained a solid reputation as an upland semiautomatic with low profile, slim forearm and easy-to-carry weight, so we were eager to shoot this new Featherweight model at the Showcase. The Montefeltro Silver Featherweight is nearly one pound lighter than a standard Montefeltro Silver shotgun. This Montefeltro also operates off Benelli’s reliable Inertia Driven system. The receiver is distinctive lightweight nickel-plated alloy with gold accents and the wood is AA-grade walnut.

This firearm was one of the Showcases's top-rated shotguns of the day for Style—everyone loved the finish and gold accents on the engraving. “What more could you ask for?” commented one reviewer, “it’s lightweight, shoulders quickly and looks great!”

Includes five flush Crio System choke tubes and is available in 12-gauge with 26-inch barrel and 20-gauge with 24-inch barrel.

MSRP: $1,999

Weight: 6-3



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