When "What If ..." Really Happens


Planning for peace-of-mind in the bird-hunting outback

Long drives make for lots of thinking time.
Heading out from Minnesota to Montana for this year’s Pheasants Forever Rooster Road Trip, the miles really started to pile up. Looking for birds -- of both the waterfowl and upland varieties – provides some entertainment. But the mind still gets plenty of chance to wander.
“What if …”
Well, for most of life, “what if … ” is covered. Roadside assistance. Auto insurance. Medical insurance. Homeowner’s insurance. The list goes on. Things are pretty much under good control if bad luck happens.
But what about when you’re out doing the pastime you love most – in our case, bird hunting – and things go wrong? Nobody likes to think about it, but sometimes you have to. That’s where travel insurance comes in.
What if you break a leg in a badger hole? Get bit by a snake. Find yourself hopelessly lost. Heaven help us, have a heart attack. Things happen.
Bird hunting seems safe enough. But it takes us to wild places, and far from roads – like Montana – and sometimes situations go bad. That’s when you need good travel insurance, like Ripcord, a Pheasant Forever sponsor committed to our habitat mission.
Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance covers expense related to a wide range of problems you might encounter on a bird hunting trip. Critical benefits include:

* Evacuation and rescue services from a point of injury or illness – no matter how remote -- to your hospital of choice, including evacuation all the way back home

* Coverage for delayed or missing sporting goods, including shotguns

* Search services

* 24/7 access to paramedics, nurses and military veterans

* Trip cancellation / interruption insurance, baggage loss, emergency dental, medical advisory, and more
What’s more, the Ripcord program is completely integrated: You only have one point of contact for any request for assistance or claim. Simplicity at work. Peace-of-mind at hand.
You may not think you need travel insurance, and that may be fine. But chances are there are some loved ones back home who do worry … and they will rest easier knowing Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance is behind you.
Check out Ripcord out at ripcordrescuetravelinsurance.com. Then start putting some more miles – and worries – behind you.
Part of your fee goes to Pheasants Forever’s habitat mission.