Hunting & Heritage  |  10/25/2016

Rooster Review: Browning Escalade Bird and Trout Knife

My dad’s a smart guy. One of his hard and fast bird hunting rules is to clean the birds right after the hunt. Not back at camp, the hotel or at the end of the day. Right away.
It’s a good rule, but followed by few. We all know those hunters who like to skirt cleaning duties, waiting for, upon further review at tailgate talk, others to claim birds. Waiting for someone else to step up and offer. Just waiting.
The completion of the hunt shouldn’t be such a chore. And it won’t feel like one with the Browning Escalade Bird and Trout Knife.
Functionally, the 4” fillet blade is ideal for breasting pheasants and other upland birds, as well as trimming leg meat. This bird and trout fixed blade features a mirror polish and jigged bone scales. It photographs nice, but is even more stunning in your hand. And like a sleek over/under, it owns the look of a collector’s item that’s as much at home on display as it is at work in the field. And while the MSRP of 109.99 is by no means cheap, the Browning Escalade Bird and Trout Knife has a look and feel that rivals much more expensive pieces.
With the proper implement, you may find yourself embracing the end of the hunt. And when those who previously relinquished their bird cleaning duties want to see your knife, let ‘em. They’ll soon have their own.

Browning Escalade Bird and Trout Knife
  • 4” fillet knife, 8 1/2” overall length
  • Made from 9Cr stainless steel
  • Jigged bone handle
  • MSRP of $109.99
-Anthony Hauck, Rooster Road Trip 2016
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Photo credit: Logan Hinners