Bird Dogs & Training  |  04/07/2022

Summer Journal Going to the Dogs


Annual Bird Dog Issue, in the works, celebrates our best hunting companions and takes you into the field for habitat insights, hunting adventure and PF Mission

By Tom Carpenter

It may seem early in the game, but believe it or not, Pheasants Forever’s Summer Issue is chugging along and coming down the pike for publication. While the magazine won’t arrive in your home until later next month, it’s already time to make sure your membership is up to date to receive this issue.

If you join Pheasants Forever or renew by April 14, you will be on the roster for the Annual Bird Dog Issue!

The cover image, selected by our talented and sharp-eyed designer Logan Hinners, about says it all in one photo, but I tried to put a few words to it:

There is something about a silhouette as opposed to a full-on, common-exposure photograph of the subjects. This is especially the case when it comes to hunters and their bird dogs: One can put themselves and their own partner in the scene and know it, feel it, want it, be it. Such is the case with Matt Addington’s magical shot of hunter and dog and communion on the South Dakota prairie with a setting sun about to bust out from behind clouds ... "There’s still time, my friend. Neither you nor I will last forever. But now may. Let’s go!"

All the bird dog coverage starts with Breeds Apart (12 really uncommon and very cool bird dog breeds that members have), two tales of upland dogs’ first seasons (yes, we cover both a flushing and a pointing dog!), Carry & Cache (a serious bird-dogging and upland hunting veterinarian’s bottom line recommendation on vest and truck safety kits) … and there’s much more.

Like the cover, I think the inside of this issue is going to be a “wow” for imagery too. Some of that comes from Pipestone Passion, a very special hunt (photographed by Addington) with PF’S Pipestone County Chapter in southwestern Minnesota: See and hear their story. Other imagery comes in the form of prairie blooms, a tale on how beekeepers are a bird’s best friend … and some original art.

I could go on and on but you get the drift: Your summer issue is in the works and coming together great … so make sure you are signed up or renewed by April 14 to be sure and get it!

Tom Carpenter, assisted by Lark, is editor at Pheasants Forever.