Hunting & Heritage  |  10/01/2020

Podcast Ep. 86: Pro Photographer Erik Petersen on the Making of a Pheasant Hunter

In this episode, host Bob St. Pierre is joined by Logan Hinners, PF & QF’s graphic design manager, and professional photographer Erik Petersen. The trio begin the discussion focused on taking better bird hunting photos. The conversation transitions to Erik’s very personal journey of raising two boys – one biological son and one adopted son from Ethiopia – as bird hunters in Montana. 

Episode Highlights:
  • Erik shares tips on how to improve bird hunter’s Instagram feeds and maybe even take a photo worthy of framing. The trio discuss the importance of moving past the tailgate shot and the grip & grin pose.  
  • The group unveil the backstory of a photo Erik sent to Logan and how it launched Erik’s effort to improve inclusivity through his work photographing and filming the uplands.  
  • Jenny talks about tying flies during the COVID-19 pandemic using the birds bagged by the duo while upland hunting. 
  • Erik also provides a teaser for the film he’s partnering with Pheasants Forever on this hunting season called “A Long Way Home” which will premiere at the 2021 National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic. 

Read Erik Petersen’s story from the Fall issue of the Pheasants Forever Journal titled To Make a Pheasant Hunter.