Habitat & Conservation  |  02/11/2020

Podcast Ep. 63: Creating Quail Habitat and Saving Monarch Butterflies

Quail Forever is part of a collaborative called Missourians for Monarch which is focused on creating pollinator habitat for a wide range of wildlife species.  Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Kelly Srigley-Werner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife private land coordinator in Missouri; Donnamarie Duffin, Missourians for Monarchs coordinator, and Kim Cole, Quail Forever’s outreach coordinator for Missouri to talk about the habitat connections and conservation efforts linking bobwhite quail and monarch butterflies.   

Episode highlights include:
  • The monarch butterfly’s fascinating life cycle spanning a multi-generational migration from Canada across the United States to Mexico. 
  • The importance of Missouri as the geographic center of the monarch’s migration.
  • The 45-member Missourians for Monarchs partnership work to improve almost 400,000 acres for monarchs, and in turn quail, in just five years.
  • How drones are being developed to count the critically important milkweed stem-by-stem to ensure healthy monarch populatons.  
  • And speed-dating for conservation . . .