Podcast Ep. 50: Purina Makes a Million Dollar Commitment to Conservation

89c76528-8151-4540-9b23-2d033c9e9450 Host Bob St. Pierre is in St. Louis at Purina’s national headquarters to talk with Jack Scott, Purina's VP of Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing, and Karl Gunzer, Purina's Director of Sporting Dog Groups, about the company's $1 million contribution to Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s conservation mission. While Purina has been the Official Dog Food partner of “The Habitat Organization” since the late 1980’s, this new commitment takes the relationship directly into the organization's habitat mission with two specific focal points targeting environmental sustainability. The first is a new Soil Health and Habitat program that Jack explains is focused in the Prairie Pothole region and the heart of Pheasant Country. The second focal point described by Gunzer, is the successful Build a Wildlife Area campaign, where quality habitat and public lands are critical to Purina's vision for a healthy environment. The episode concludes with a discussion about Purina’s new Calming Care probiotic supplement for dogs with anxiety issues.