Bird Dogs & Training  |  04/10/2024

Podcast Ep. 259: Birds, Dogs, and New SportDOG FieldSentinel with Clay Thompson

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Clay Thompson, a SportDOG Brand pro staff dog trainer, for a conversation about his Oklahoma quail roots and his current South Dakota waterfowl and pheasant passions. The guys also discuss the new SportDOG Brand FieldSentinel, which Thompson equates to a dog’s “check engine light,” as it monitors a pup’s heart rate and the intensity & duration of exertion.

Episode Highlights:
  • Thompson explains how skipping a day of college to go on a duck hunt with a well-trained bird dog changed his life for the better. 
  • Thompson tells the story of how an impromptu South Dakota sharp-tailed grouse hunt on a hot day put his Labrador retriever into a scary situation, which was the genesis story for the new SportDOG Brand FieldSentinel.
Check out the new SportDOG Brand FieldSentinel.

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