Habitat & Conservation  |  01/31/2024

Podcast Ep. 248: Spruce Grouse Hunting & Habitat with Minnesota DNR Biologists

Host Bob St.Pierre is joined by Charlotte Roy, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Grouse Project Leader and Bailey Petersen, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Assistant Area Wildlife Manager for northeast Minnesota, for a deep dive into the biology, habitat, and hunting tactics for spruce grouse.

Episode Highlights:
  • Roy discusses a recently completed spruce grouse study spanning three years, which provided a tremendous amount of insight into this beautiful and secretive grouse species of the boreal forest.  
  • Petersen, an avid upland bird hunter who travels across the country with her three English setters and one small Munsterlander, provides a wide array of tips for locating and hunting spruce grouse across Minnesota’s northern range. In fact, Petersen invites traveling bird hunters to contact her at bailey.petersen@state.mn.us to answer questions about hunting these birds in Minnesota, the eastern most state where they are legal upland game. 
Learn more about spruce grouse on the Minnesota DNR’s website.

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