Bird Dogs & Training  |  08/09/2023

Podcast Ep. 225: Thinking Like Your Bird Dog with Pro Trainer Tim Springer

Host Bob St.Pierre welcomes Tim Springer, professional dog trainer and owner of Dynamic Retrievers, for a conversation about understanding a dog’s mental state. Joining the conversation are PF & QF’s membership marketing manager Emy Marier and public relations specialist Casey Sill who’ve both been training their young black Labrador retrievers with Springer this summer. Following a quick training session, St. Pierre and his guests break down the ins-and-outs of DIY retriever training, from blind retrieves and marking, to basic obedience in the house — all centered around the importance of understanding your dog’s mental perspective.

Episode Highlights:
  • Marier talks about how Springer’s background in behavioral science resonated with her as she embarks on training her second bird dog, a one-year-old Lab named Lou.  
  • Sill explains how his four-year-old Lab, Bruly, recently came up short on a hunt test and Springer walks through the training steps to help Bruly succeed the next time.  
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