Bird Dogs & Training  |  07/19/2023

Podcast Ep. 222: My First Bird Dog is a Large Münsterländer with Luc Ramthun

Host Bob St.Pierre visits with Luc Ramthun, PF & QF’s senior corporate partnerships account executive, about the journey he’s been on with his first bird dog. The guys talk about Ramthun’s breed selection of a large Münsterländer, picking a puppy out of a litter, and training his pup for the upcoming hunting season.

Episode Highlights:
  • Ramthun, a diehard fly angler, equates training his own bird dog to catching trout on a fly he has tied himself and explains how the Upland Institute, an online video-based training series, has been particularly helpful in training his bird dog independently.
  • St.Pierre also shares the stories of each of his first four bird dogs’ wild roosters and the serendipitous connection between them all.

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