Habitat & Conservation  |  10/06/2023

New Pheasants Forever Chapter Kicks Off at Kansas State University-Salina


Next generation of conservationists look to focus on habitat restoration

Pheasants Forever is proud to announce a new chapter in Kansas. The KSU Outdoor Club Chapter is based at Kansas State University-Salina, with students filling the ranks of both volunteers and chapter officers. 

“Some of the students were already organized and doing a lot of great conservation work locally but wanted to put Pheasants Forever’s name out there and tap into our amazing resources, in order to create an even bigger impact,” said Hunter Moore, a Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever regional representative in Kansas. “They were looking for professional development pathways and knew Pheasants Forever consistently makes a difference for habitat, and for connecting others to the outdoors.” 

The chapter hopes to continue the excellent habitat work that’s already being done in Kansas, and wants to further collaborate with private landowners across the state.

“Being a college chapter, it's a great opportunity to get other students involved in conservation and provide hands-on learning for young adults wanting to make a difference,” Moore said. “There’s also a major interest in conservation careers among these students, and we’re here to help them realize those dreams and create the next generation of habitat professionals.” 

KSU Outdoors does not have any events on the books at the moment but are working hard among their midterms to create habitat and outreach gatherings in the near future that will spread conservation across campus and the rest of the state. 

“I'm super excited about this chapter,” Moore said. “They're driven, unique, and care about becoming knowledgeable and active conservationists. And having creative, diverse chapters is the best way to achieve creative, diverse solutions that work toward achieving our critical mission.”

For more information, or to join the KSU Outdoors Club Chapter of Pheasants Forever, contact chapter president Eli Taylor at eli21@ksu.edu. To learn more about Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever in Kansas, contact Hunter Moore at (479) 322-8308 or hmoore@pheasantsforever.org