Habitat & Conservation  |  04/12/2024

Idaho's Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever Donates $30K to Habitat and Access


Funding upland habitat and access work at the Boise River Wildlife Management Area

This spring, local volunteers of the Treasure Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever in Boise, Idaho made a significant donation for the future of upland habitat management and hunting access. A $30K check was presented to the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation to be used for conservation purposes on the recently acquired Mayfield Property, a 5,534-acre parcel of land which will be incorporated into the Boise River Wildlife Management Area as the Cornell Segment.

The Mayfield Property consists of large tracts of upland shrub-steppe habitat ideal for sage grouse and other upland birds, while providing winter habitat for large herds of mule deer and elk. The property abuts and is now incorporated into the Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s Boise River Wildlife Management Area. Previously private property, the land had historically been used by a local dog training club but will now benefit from focused efforts to maximize wildlife and hunter values, including broadening public access.

“This is by far the most sizable and rewarding donation our chapter has had the pleasure of funding due to great local volunteers and supporting members and sponsors,” said Jason Thomas, president of the Treasure Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever. “Our chapter was founded 40 years ago by Mr. Winston Moore - at 99 years of age, we take great pride in being able to share this type of meaningful habitat work with him as the chapter has grown since its infancy in 1984.”

The work of Treasure Valley Pheasants Forever extends well beyond their habitat and access initiatives to include a robust Learn-to-Hunt program that has received national recognition. In a similar vein, Thomas’s involvement with Pheasants Forever began five years ago when his son took part in a Learn-to-Hunt experience - the chapter’s dedication to mentoring new hunters and conservationists has helped build community involvement throughout the region.

The donation to supplement the Cornell Segment of the Boise River WMA embodies the spirit of Pheasants Forever and the organization’s work to conserve wildlife habitat through meaningful projects and public access initiatives. Click here to read the letter submitted to the Idaho Fish & Wildlife Foundation outlining the use of chapter funding.

To learn more about the Treasure Valley Chapter of Pheasants Forever, please contact chapter president Jason Thomas at jcthomas2004@yahoo.com.