Habitat & Conservation  |  02/27/2020

Help Pass the South Dakota Habitat Stamp: $5.7 Million for Public Lands


We Need Your Voice!

South Dakota is on the verge of enacting a new habitat stamp for hunting and fishing licenses to generate an additional $5.7 million per year in habitat management funding. This funding would make an incredible impact on the public hunting access and management in the Pheasant Capital.

Here's how you can help pass Senate Bill 75 for the future of public hunting lands in South Dakota!

Contact Your Representative Today to Enact the South Dakota Habitat Stamp

Below are a few action steps you can take with some messaging for South Dakota residents that can be used to help to make this potential funding a reality.
Dear South Dakota PF Supporter,

Some important news for hunting and fishing enthusiasts: South Dakota is on the verge of enacting a new habitat stamp for hunting and fishing licenses to generate an additional $5.7 million per year in habitat management funding. But we need your voice to make this happen!

Recently introduced legislation – Senate Bill 75 – would create the state’s first “habitat stamp” to generate funding specifically for increased management and habitat improvements on Game Production Areas, James River CREP, and additional acres in the Walk-In Access Program! That’s why Pheasants Forever is asking you, our valued member, to voice your support of this important legislation for funding of South Dakota’s natural resources and public access programs. NOW is the time to deliver our conservation message to South Dakota’s House of Representatives.

PF Supporter Action Requested:

Call/email your South Dakota Representative TODAY and ask them to support passage of Senate Bill 75, as it is currently written, with the messaging below.

Click here to find contact information for your South Dakota Representative.

PF/QF Collective Messaging:

Please support Senate Bill 75 as currently written and without additional amendments to enact a habitat stamp fee for all hunting and fishing license holders in the state of South Dakota. Generating an estimated $5.7 million for state lands, James River CREP enrollments and our coveted Walk-In Access Program is important for the future of hunting and natural resources in our state. Here’s why the bill should be considered a priority for passage:

Dear Representative,
  • Public access use by hunters and fisherman contributes an estimated $954 million annually to South Dakota’s economy – investing in our natural resources is good for business.
  • Outdoor traditions in South Dakota run deep and the impact from outdoorsmen and women on rural main streets is significant – this bill can help strengthen both.
  • James River CREP is one of the most successful private land conservation and public access programs in the country – Senate Bill 75 could fully fund this endeavor while opening 100,000 acres of quality habitat to sportsmen and women each fall.
Thank you for your support of Senate Bill 75 and the overarching funding it would provide for habitat, wildlife, access, and rural communities throughout the state of South Dakota!

PF/QF Member Questions?

For questions related to the Senate Bill 75, please contact Matt Morlock, Pheasants Forever’s State Coordinator in South Dakota, at (605) 881-8258 or MMorlock@PheasantsForever.Org.