|  09/20/2021

Gamebird Gourmet // Pheasant Breakfast Sausage


Get ready for a morning of upland hunting with mouth-watering pheasant breakfast sausage

Get ready for a morning of pheasant hunting by eating a breakfast of gamebird sausage!  Serve these as mouth-watering links, or just do patties and get from breast to breakfast in 10 minutes!  Use Excalibur’s H-110C for some heat, or Holly Regular Pork Sausage Seasoning for a classic breakfast sausage taste!


Recipe: Pheasant Breakfast Sausage

Meat Block

Pheasant breast or other upland gamebird


Excalibur’s H-110C or Holly Regular Pork Sausage Seasoning

  • Remove skin from pheasant breast, cut the meat into small pieces that will easily fit down your grinder.  Or, purchase already ground product from MacFarlane Pheasants
  • Mix in required amount of seasoning, you will want the seasoning to be evenly distributed throughout the meat.  Add about ¼ pint of water per 10 lb of meat.  To determine amount of seasoning needed divide the weight of the seasoning by the batch size (most bags are calculated for 25 lb of meat) to give you the amount of seasoning you need per lb of meat.  Then multiply that # by the lb of meat you are making.
  • If you want patties you can form them into the desired size at this point, and either cook or freeze and vacuum seal for future enjoyment.
  • If you are wanting to make breakfast links use 21mm fresh collagen casings and a sausage stuffer to stuff meat into the casings.
  • Cook over medium heat to prevent the casings from splitting or deforming.