By Aaron Kuehl

These photos are certainly worth a thousand words. Thank You to all those who submitted a food plot photo or our contest. We loved seeing all that habitat on the ground! Here are our favorites. Each photographer will receive their choice from one of our Signature Seed Series Food Plot mixes. Visit us at to get your own food plot going. Think Habitat! 

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Flowered Up by Ross Sorenson – Duck Kandy – IL
Seed Throwing by Tim Eisele – Blizzard Buster – WI
Sunflower John Deere by Craig Lemenager – Dove Kandy – IL
Sunflower Bee by Zach Wyatt – Dove Kandy – IN
Sunflower Butterfly by Zach Wyatt – Dove Kandy – IN
Sorghum Labs by Kevin Kay – Covey Rise – IA
Sunflower Girl by Tyler Hunt – Dove Kandy – OH
Sorghum Savannah Sparrow by Nancy Barrett – Winter Shield – CT
Sorghum Goldens by Ainars Silis – Blizzard Buster – MN
Sorghum Hunters by Daniel Boelman – Blizzard Buster – IA
Brassica by Chris Winter – Big Buck Brassica, Covey Rise – WI