Habitat & Conservation  |  11/17/2021

Chapter Spotlight: McKenzie County Chapter of Pheasants Forever


The McKenzie County Chapter of Pheasants Forever is educating kids and building habitat through Pollinator Habitat Programs in North Dakota!

By Renee Tomala, North Dakota Field Representative

There is heart woven into the fibers of the McKenzie County chapter of Pheasants Forever. Where there is mission to be delivered, you’ll find them. Finding new-to-them ways to engage their communities and have a positive impact, they have taken on youth pollinator projects that come complete with ladybug and butterfly cupcakes, an added “sweet” touch that shows their big orange heart.

True champions of our national efforts, McKenzie County PF are strong allies of our conservation advocacy and education & outreach initiatives at a national scale as well as North Dakota’s conservation outreach and precision ag & conservation initiatives at the state level. McKenzie County PF truly puts our grassroots model to hard work because they know we can do even more together.

They put their shoulder into our mission and are great proponents of the work that can be done for the good of our birds, habitat, bees, butterflies and hunting heritage. Things sure took a turn for the worse when Covid hit, and I will never forget the separate phone calls I had from chapter stalwarts asking: “What can we do to help?”

It is that selfless, giving attitude that makes it no doubt that we are a louder, stronger and darn better organization because of chapters like this. My blaze orange cap goes off to McKenzie County!

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