Hunting & Heritage  |  03/05/2019

Action Alert: Help Defeat Iowa's Anti-Public Lands Legislation


PF/QF Members in Iowa: Help Defeat Anti-Public Lands Legislation Today!

On Monday morning, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever volunteers, members, staff and dedicated partners flooded the Capitol to show support for conservation, private landowner rights and public land in Iowa. Thank you to those who were able to join us! 
THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER: We’re counting on you to email your legislators TODAY to oppose Senate Study Bill 1221 ahead of a Tuesday afternoon Senate Natural Resources and Environment Committee meeting at 3 p.m.
SSB1221 Information:
The bill eliminates the use of State Revolving Fund for public land acquisition for water quality purposes and eliminates the Charitable Contribution for Conservation Tax Credit.
SSB1221 Action Requested:
Contact members of the Senate Natural Resources and Environment committee (listed below) as soon as possible and let them know you oppose SSB1221. Senators have indicated that they are open to discussion and improvements on this bill, so they need to hear from you! Find your legislator telephone number or email here: 
Ken Rozenboom (R, District 40), Chair -
Tom Shipley (R, District 11), Vice Chair -
Robert Hogg (D, District 33), Ranking Member -
Jerry Behn (R, District 24) -
Nate Boulton (D, District 16) -
Claire Celsi (D, District 21) -
Chris Cournoyer (R, District 49) -
Tim L. Kapucian (R, District 38) -
Jim Lykam (D, District 45) -
Mark Segebart (R, District 6) -
Jackie Smith (D, District 7) -
Annette Sweeney (R, District 25) -
Dan Zumbach (R, District 48) -

PF/QF Member Collective Message:

Dear  Legislator,
Please oppose SSB1221 in its current form. The elimination of State Revolving Fund (SRF) for public water quality projects and the elimination of the Charitable Contribution for Conservation Tax Credit are a step in the wrong direction for conservation.
The use of SRF for public land projects has a history of successful water quality projects that offer multiple benefits. Not only are these lands helping improve water quality and flood retention, they are creating more areas to hunt, fish, hike and be in nature. 
This use of SRF should not be eliminated. Let's work together to improve it — not get rid of a successful program when the state is doing all it can to improve water quality.

Need Help or Have a Question?

For more information regarding Senate Study Bill 1221, please contact Matt O'Connor, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever's Habitat Team Coordinator, at 319-240-4075 or