Bird Dog Question: Pup Can't Hold It

  • 03/19/2013
Our 9-month-old puppy is peeing in his kennel every day. I bought a smaller one but he is still doing it. Any ideas on what to do?
-Todd Marlette via Pheasants Forever’s Facebook page
Just to be safe I recommend a trip to the vet to be sure infections or other problem don’t exist.
Going to the smaller kennel was a good idea. Another one is being extra observant to body language, pup will usually signal by behavior change, i.e. circling, sniffing. But you can also head this problem off by making sure the pup is well exercised, then taken outside for airing/potty break right before kennel time. Younger pups aren’t expected to hold for very long, so frequent exercise and trips outdoors are advisable, especially in the beginning.
-Bob West is Purina’s Director of Sporting Dog Programs
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