Bird Dogs & Training  |  01/01/2014

Cold Weather Canine Care

As temperatures dip below freezing and hunting season starts to wind down, remember to keep your hunting dog warm, safe and dry!
  • Now is the time for dog booties to help protect against ice between pads and cuts and abrasions from the frozen terrain.
  • Never put a dog away wet, so keep plenty of dry towels and even an auto chamois in your vehicle to get the water off your dog.
  • A comfortable dry bed or rug in the kennel makes for a happy dog on the ride home.
  • Waterfowlers who have open water and choose to work their retriever in a creek or river should consider investing in a neoprene vest to help keep their dogs warm.
  • Always use good judgment – if your dog looks cold, he probably is.
  • Get the dog to the car or close to a heater to warm up.
  • Older dogs are probably better left in the kennel or car on harsh days. They’ll want to go, but you know best!
  • Be mindful of thin ice -- keep dogs off ponds and rivers.
  • Dogs require more calories when it gets cold, so increase their food appropriately.
  • Dogs also need to be hydrated – continue to carry water and force them to drink.
  • Remember that dogs can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia, so be careful out there!