New for 2015: Columbia Ptarmigan Interchange Parka

a207159b-b8c9-41a9-9003-2f968a9dacdd It’s not a stretch to say that of all the gear you need for a complete season in Pheasant Country, a coat that fits the demands of late-season hunting has traditionally been the hardest to find. Well, was, prior to the evolution of the Columbia Ptarmigan™ Interchange Parka.
Featuring the 3-in-1 interchange system, the Columba Ptarmigan Parka is adaptable to the conditions, meaning it has a place in your upland arsenal from the opening bell until sunset on closing day. The sleeves can be removed to create a bird vest, and the shell and blaze orange fleece liner can be worn separately, or together, depending on what Mother Nature has served up. And with the Omni-Shield™ repellency system, whether rain, sleet or snow, you’ll stay dry.
Fit is incredibly important for late-season hunting, and that’s where the Columbia Ptarmigan™ Interchange Parka will really shine. There’s not much room for error on a hard-flushing, winter rooster that’s seen the face of every upland hunter in the county, and the freedom of motion provided by this system means he’s made his last escape.
What’s not to like? If you’re the type of rooster chaser who wears the tears and stains on a well-worn coat or vest as a source of pride, you may want to look elsewhere. With stain resistance, a blood-proof, adjustable game bag, and tough, durable fabric, it may take you a long time to wear the “new” off.  Consider that a nice problem to have.
  • Ultimate 3-in-1 hunting jacket
  • 1-point Interchange System
  • Pheasants Forever logo
  • Omni-Shield™ advanced repellency
  • Hand pocket
  • Security pocket
  • Cargo pockets
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Imported
  • Shell: 100% cotton canvas-duck
  • Shell: 100% polyester canvas-duck
  • Shell: 100% polyester MTR filament fleece, 250g
  • Omni-Shield™ - Water and Stain Repellent
-Andrew Vavra is Pheasants Forever’s marketing manager