What Was Your First Bird Dog?

After reading a recent “My First Bird Dog” post, the Pheasants Forever blog post series chronicling my journey into bird dog ownership, reader Angela emailed in with a great idea:
“It would be fun for you to request that readers send in stories about their first bird dogs and make them available for others to read,” she wrote. I couldn’t agree more.
There are cute bird dogs and champion bird dogs. Favorite bird dogs and finicky bird dogs. Old bird dogs and odorous bird dogs. Stylish bird dogs and stubborn bird dogs. Untrained bird dogs and unforgettable bird dogs. There are lots of kinds of bird dogs, but each dog owner has only one “first bird dog.”
So let’s hear about your first. What breed? What was its name? How old were you when you got the pup? How did your first bird dog perform in the field? What’s the most memorable moment of that dog?
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