Searching for the Best Bird Dog Registered Names

For about a week, I’ve been staring, blankly mostly, at a form from the American Kennel Club trying to think of a registered name for “Sprig” (call name), my new English cocker spaniel. And I can’t decide whether to be straightforward, creative or funny with it.
Registering your bird dog with the American Kennel Club, or other registry like the Field Dog Stud Book, helps maintain breed integrity and allows dog enthusiasts to track popularity trends. But honestly, the best part is coming up with a unique name to give to your new hunting buddy.
Or so I thought. The process to come up with a single call name was vexing enough, so this is giving me fits.
In the comments area below, tell me your dog’s registered name and the story behind it. I promise I won’t steal it, but I can’t promise I won’t use you as inspiration!
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