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Join or renew with Pheasants Forever as an Associate or Rooster Booster Member and have confidence your contributions are making a difference on the ground for wildlife and our upland hunting heritage. At this time, Pheasants Forever is engaged in our most ambitious initiative ever: The Call of the Uplands campaign. Through this $500 million effort - which your membership dollars support - we set a goal of protecting and restoring nine million acres of upland habitat over a period of five years. We’re now raising that habitat goal to 10 million acres! Help us meet this goal by joining, renewing, or extending your membership. Your membership has never been more important for ensuring a future filled with access to healthy habitat and abundant wild bird populations.

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  • FREE Pheasants Forever Browning Heritage Knife
  • Pheasants Forever Journal of Upland Conservation subscription, which is published five times a year and features stories on upland bird hunting, guns, sporting dogs, habitat improvement projects, environmental issues, legislative action, and other outdoor interests
  • Pheasants Forever window decal
  • Membership card
  • Annual 13-month Pheasants Forever Hunter’s Calendar
  • Invitations to local chapter banquets and events
  • Monthly “On The Wing” eNewsletter
  • Annual state-by-state Pheasant Hunting Forecast
  • *If you upgrade to the Rooster Booster membership you will also receive a limited-edition ORVIS Covey Club Hat & Decal
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    Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery. Fair Market Value: $27. Your contribution deduction is limited to the excess of the membership fee paid over the fair market value of the premiums provided.

    Our Mission

    Pheasants Forever's mission is to conserve quail, pheasants, and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public access, education, and conservation advocacy. Our mission is made possible by our members, supporters, and partners. Thank you!

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