Pheasants Forever's Auto Pay Membership Program

First and foremost, thank you for your membership and ongoing support of upland wildlife and habitat conservation. Without the support of members and supporters like yourself, none of our work would be possible. Thank you!

In our ongoing efforts to improve the membership experience and more effectively use your support to accomplish more mission delivery, we are moving to an Auto Pay membership subscription model. We hope the information below will provide valuable insight into the strategy behind this decision, why it’s important, how it works and most importantly, how it will create more birds, more public lands, and more places to recreate.

Why the PF/QF Auto Pay Membership Program Matters:

At Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, it is always our goal to utilize resources and the support of our members, supporters, and partners as efficiently and effectively as possible to direct resources where they have the most impact. This allows us to do more work for habitat. Doing more work for habitat allows us to create more pheasants and quail, more places to hunt and recreate, and more conservationists, which in turn allows us to support cleaner water, more sustainable food supplies, stronger rural economies, and more. As an organization that has historically spent over $0.90 of every dollar raised on mission delivery, you can be confident this is now and will always be a top priority.

As Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever continue to grow and evolve, we are constantly striving to improve the experience of our members, supporters and partners and find ways to further drive resources to where it matters most.

Our Auto Pay program will improve the member and volunteer experiences, save the organization valuable resources, help optimize our revenue streams and make us even more efficient, more effective and more impactful with our conservation efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here to view our Auto Pay Membership Program FAQ's.

Benefits of the PF/QF Auto Pay Membership Program:

» Improves the member and volunteer experience by eliminating the hassle of annual renewal and allowing the focus to shift to high-impact fundraising efforts

» Provides members the ability to manage their member account and preferences as they see fit

» Eliminates unintentional membership lapses

» Helps keep the cost of membership low by saving resources

» Allows individuals to maximize the impact of their support

» Optimizes the PF/QF revenue streams to create a more sustainable mission delivery model

How the PF/QF Auto Pay Program Works:

» Members attend an event, sign up online, or respond to a direct mail campaign

» Members are enrolled in our Auto Pay program – as indicated on the website, their mailer, Events Center, or signage at an Event – and their card information is saved by an external, secure payment processor for future payments

» Memberships obtained through Events will not be manageable via the website until two weeks after the event has taken place

» Members receive additional notice of enrollment via email confirmation and welcome letter

» Members receive all membership benefits annually, including member card and decal, journal subscription, calendar, invitations to events, special offers, etc.

» Members are notified within 45 days of any subsequent payment date and corresponding charge

» Members may cancel their subscription at any time through My Account on the PF and QF websites, or by contacting our Membership Services team

» This does not cancel an individual’s membership, it simply cancels the Auto Pay subscription

» All member benefits for which have been paid will continue to be received through the Member’s Paid Through Date

We know you will appreciate our commitment to utilize your support as efficiently and effectively as possible. Working together, we can make a difference today and leave a lasting legacy, forever. Thank you again for your support!

For questions, more information or assistance managing your account, please contact our Membership Services team at (877) 773-2070 /

Click here for our Membership Services FAQ’s