Hunting,Shotguns & Shooting  |  08/24/2015

2015 Shotgun Preview: Beretta A400 Lite / 12 Gauge

The new Beretta A400 Lite is a hunting shotgun that is not afraid to play hard and get dirty. The entire gun is built around the proven BLINK gas operating system that Beretta has been using for years and is capable of firing 4 rounds in less than one second. 
There are a few things that make this new Beretta “Lite”, with “Lite” being some of the things that makes this Beretta a bit lighter in cost compared to others in the A400 line, that being said “lite” does not mean that the key components are not part of this Beretta. Yes the A400 Lite still has the recoil reduction system “Kick-Off”, the Blink operating system and the Optima HP choke system. Beretta was able to reduce cost significantly in two areas. The first is it’s only available in a black synthetic version and the second is it will not shoot the 3.5” rounds, both of which are not relevant if you are buying a “hunting” shotgun. 
The Lite does come standard with one new feature, which as someone who likes technology finds pretty darn cool, the GunPod2 which is located in the pistol grip of the stock. This is a Bluetooth unit that works with your smartphone allowing you to create a map of your hunt, drop a “pin” on your hot spots or immortalize each shot with a photo, video or note! More to come in the future on the GunPod2. 
Shooter John Austin gave the A400 Lite perfect scores across the board and looked forward to having this gun as part of his collection.