Hunting & Heritage  |  08/19/2021

Podcast Ep. 130: Chasing Chukar, Mountain Quail, and Ptarmigan as a New Hunter

Host Bob St.Pierre and Precision Agriculture & Conservation Specialist, Emily Spolyar, talk with new upland bird hunter Jennifer Reilly about chasing challenging species right out of the gates.  Reilly started her upland journey in pursuit of chukar, progressed to mountain quail, and now lives in Alaska where she is figuring out ptarmigan.    

Episode Highlights:
  • The episode kicks off with Spolyar (@ecspolyar), who is based in North Dakota, providing an August pheasant report as the drought persists across the Dakotas. 
  • Reilly (@nuclear.flower) explains becoming addicted to chukar hunting with her English setter, as well as why she’s drawn to the rugged mountain terrain over more wide-open fields of grass.  
  • After a move from California to Alaska, Reilly tackles another new upland bird in the ptarmigan.  Only this time she attempts wingshooting from snowshoes and cross-country skis.