Hunting & Heritage  |  12/08/2022

Next Generation of Forever: Part Two


Making a positive impact on the local habitat and community

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever chapter volunteers are the backbone of our organizations. They represent our boots on the ground, the pointy end of the spear, and provide the energy and passion that make our grassroots model and overall mission of upland habitat conservation thrive. That’s why we’re humbled and proud to share “The Next Generation of Forever.”

Leading up to National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic in Minneapolis Feb. 17th-19th, we’ll be celebrating select up-and-coming young volunteers from throughout the country who truly represent the future of our organizations. They have not only taken the ceremonial torch, but reignited the flame and are sprinting forward with it. So please join us in honoring and acknowledging…

The Next Generation of Forever
. . .

Emily Schroeder

North Dakota: Lady Birds Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Residing in central North Dakota with her husband, Jon, their daughter, Ainsley, and golden retriever, Asher, Emily Schroeder is the current president of the Lady Birds. She is best known by chapter volunteers as someone who empowers committee members to contribute new and innovative ideas to achieve a thriving chapter of all females.

Kirk Eno

Iowa: Northern Polk Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Kirk Eno didn't grow up hunting or know much about land conservation until he moved to Des Moines in 2014. He always had an interest in the outdoors, but aside from a few hunting trips with his dad and uncle during his youth, he had little experience. It’s one thing to know how to shoot a shotgun, but learning how to hunt was a daunting endeavor to a beginner like himself. When he joined Pheasants Forever, his hope was to find a community of outdoorsmen and women to share experiences afield. Little did he know, the conservation passion of volunteers would ignite his own. Now, eight years later, Eno is an avid hunter, conservation educator, and president of his local chapter, Northern Polk.

Kristopher Oja

Minnesota: East Central Spurs Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Kristopher Oja is the current Farm Bill wildlife biologist for Pheasants Forever in Pine County, Minn. Prior to his employment with Pheasants Forever, he held seasonal positions with USDA-NRCS, USFWS, USFS and MN DNR. Through these experiences Oja gained knowledge of working on private lands, working on the refuge system, evaluating riparian habitat in the mountains of the west, and so much more – Pheasants Forever was a perfect fit for his career.

Austin Roby

Ohio: Hardin County Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Austin Roby grew up on the traditions of hunting and fishing. In fact, his lifelong passion in his younger years led him to pursue a career in natural resources. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with a degree in Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife Management and is currently the natural resources manager at Johnny Appleseed Metroparks in Allen County, Ohio. Roby lives on his family’s farm in Hardin County with his wife, Carlie, and their two boys, Luke (3) and Carson (1). In what little free time Roby has, he enjoys camping, beekeeping, and hunting with his Labradors, Belle and Sadie, and his English setter pup Maggie.

Tyler Heine

Montana: Flathead Chapter of Pheasants Forever

Northwest Montana is home to one of our longest standing Pheasants Forever chapters in the nation. Celebrating its 35th year, the Flathead Valley Pheasants Forever Chapter #0138 has deep roots in hunting heritage, community involvement, and mission delivery. At the helm since 2017 has been chapter president Tyler Heine.

Clay Denny

Missouri: Heartland Chapter of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever

Clay Denny has been an outstanding chapter leader with the Heartland PF & QF chapter in the greater region of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s worked tirelessly to make sure the chapter is reaching new audiences of future hunters and conservationists every year by leading multiple youth and women’s Learn to Hunt events. Additionally, Denny and the dedicated Heartland chapter leaders also host multiple learn-to-shoot events each summer in a fun and safe environment for participants.

Are you interested in making a positive impact on your local habitat and community? Want to connect with likeminded individuals? Find a chapter today and discover how easy and fulfilling it is to get involved. No chapters in your area? Reach out to the Regional Representative in your area and we’ll work with you to find an opportunity to start your own chapter or find an alternative way to make a difference for upland habitat, wildlife, and public access.

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