Habitat How-To // Party in the Food Plot


Party in the Food Plot Photo Contest

By Aaron Kuehl, Director of Seed Operations at Pheasants Forever

A rooster flushing. Sunset over prime upland habitat. Hunter and dog on-the-move … or holding a trophy bird.

Those are just a few of the kinds of images we’re looking for in our “Party in the Food Plot!” Wildlife Food Plot Photo Contest. It’s a chance to capture your habitat passion and share it with other Pheasants Forever members. PF staff will select 10 winners and each will receive their choice of one bag of any of our Signature Series Food Plot mixes. 

Winning photos will also be published on Pheasants Forever website, with select images making it into a future issue of this Journal as well.  
Contest Guidelines

E-mail photos to photocontest@pheasantsforever.org and include a note outlining:
  • The product in the photo (corn, Blizzard Buster, brassica, for example). We’re especially excited to see our Signature Series mixes on the ground!
  • The subject of the photo must be of or directly related to wildlife food plots. Ideas follow below.
  • Photographer name.
  • County and state where the photograph was taken.
  • Month photograph was taken
Contest Rules
  • Submit photos by December 1, 2019. They may be taken any time of year. Winners will be chosen in January by staff and announced in the Summer 2020 issue of Pheasants Forever Journal.
  • Photos must be at least 1MB in resolution.
  • View full photo contest rules at pfhabitatstore.com/resources.
Photo Suggestions

We’re searching for more than just a standard photo of your typical food plot. Consider the following ideas, and come up with your own. As long as it’s in, around or related to a food plot, it’s game. Get creative!
  • Add a PF or QF habitat sign to your project. 
  • Consider hunting structures, habitat equipment, seed bags and other tools.
  • Make it an action shot – site prep, seeding, weed control and hunting are good ideas.
  • Add a smile to the picture… dogs and/people are always good subjects.
  • Hungry wildlife will get special attention from the judges (and not just gamebirds).
  • Think about point of view… close ups, creative angles and filters
We hope you are as excited to show us your habitat story as we are to see it. This also may be an opportunity for you to engage a future hunter or just someone interested in the outdoors or photography, and share your habitat with someone new.