Habitat & Conservation  |  08/28/2018

Build A Wildlife Area Profile: Teton River, Montana


New Montana Pheasants Forever project adds wildlife habitat to landscape, provides place to hunt and fish

By Chad Harvey, Montana Regional Field Representative

Acquired in February 2018, the Pheasants Forever Teton River Wildlife Area is located approximately 45 minutes north of Great Falls, Montana, along the Teton River watershed. Currently the property consists of approximately 279 acres of mixed riparian areas/wetlands, grass prairie and dryland crops.

Purchased through a combination of local Pheasant Forever chapter and partner funding, these previously private acres are now open to the general public for walk-in recreational access including hunting and fishing.

Continued support from Pheasants Forever chapters and conservation partners aims to improve habitat and land management for the benefit of upland birds and other wildlife in the area. Future acquisitions will look to connect pieces of key habitat along the river corridor, making a contiguous ribbon of habitat and increasing both the size of the complex and the benefits to wildlife.


Initial Size
278.84 acres.

Property is immediately west of I-15, 40 miles north of Great Falls. It is adjacent on its eastern side to the southbound rest area on I-15, exit 320. 

Landscape Context
The property is situated in the Teton River watershed, on the north side of the river approximately 1.5 miles downstream of the confluence with Muddy Creek. 

Land Use and Habitat
The Teton River property is comprised of a variety of land uses and habitat types, designated as follows. 

Dryland crops (currently in spring wheat/fallow rotation) – 70 acres 

Water/riparian/wetland habitat – 109 acres 

Mixed-grass prairie – 99 acres 

Wildlife Use
The Teton River property supports a diversity of wildlife, corresponding to the various core habitat elements that are present on site. Grassland songbirds, upland game birds, migratory waterfowl, predatory raptors, deer and moose have all been recently observed making good use of the habitat. 

Land Management Objectives
Pheasants Forever intends to manage this property for multiple uses, primarily wildlife habitat and recreation. Some land will also be in agricultural use, with the ultimate goal of sustaining a mosaic of habitat elements for multiple wildlife species.

The Teton River complex, and future acquisitions, contribute to Pheasants Forever's organizational goal of permanent habitat protection while growing opportunities public walk-in recreation. For more information on projects in Montana, visit www.montanapf.org. To contribute to permanent wildlife habitat protection projects through Pheasants Forever's Build a Wildlife Area program, visit our Donate page.