Prairie Grouse Primer 2021

It’s that time of year. September looms on the calendar. The uplands are calling. The dog is getting restless. So are you. All signs point to one thing: It’s almost prairie grouse season … and time for Pheasants Forever’s annual Prairie Grouse Primer!

Yes, there’s a drought going on. Yes that drought more or less bullseyes the heart of prairie grouse country where sharptails fly, prairie chickens boom and sage grouse still dance. And yes, as you will see in the following reports, the dry conditions may have affected the birds and will impact your hunting approach; there is no way around it.

Grouse are there. It just may be tougher to get at them. Emergency haying and grazing is a fact. But that doesn’t always affect the lighter grass and native prairie or pasturelands that grouse like, or the brush they sometime gravitate toward. Hunting may be challenging. Are you afraid of that?

I thought not.

Tom Carpenter, Editor – Prairie Grouse Primer 2021

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