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Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever announce the organization's first-ever philanthropy campaign, the Grassroots Conservation Campaign.

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and Quail Forever announce the organization's first-ever philanthropy campaign, the Grassroots Conservation Campaign.

PF raises over 30 Million Dollars through the Grassroots Conservation Campaign

Exceeding original Campaign goal of 25 million dollars and drastically increasing the organization’s impact on wildlife habitat and America’s Youth.

Pheasants Forever announces during the five-year Grassroots Conservation Campaign, Pheasants Forever (PF) raised more than 30 million dollars for upland traditions. These resources have provided Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever with the opportunity to dramatically increase its impact on habitat and youth across the country.

Pheasants Forever thanks the hundreds of passionate Americans who answered the call to do more for upland birds, more for upland habitat, and those who chose to leave an upland legacy for future generations by contributing to Pheasants Forever’s Grassroots Conservation Campaign.

“Our original objective for the Campaign was to accelerate Pheasants Forever’s ability to conserve and enhance North American’s wildlife resources and America’s hunting tradition. We have done that and much more,” states Howard K. Vincent – Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever President and CEO. “Not only did we exceed our original Campaign monetary goal of 25 million dollars, but more importantly the Campaign helped Pheasants Forever impact more habitat in the last five years than we thought possible.”

Pheasants Forever Milestones generated by the Campaign Include:

•Over 8.5 million acres impacted – 4.1 million since 2007 when the Campaign began.

•More than 1,313 land acquisitions, representing 161,867 acres open to public hunting.

•Exceeded 441,963 wildlife habitat projects.

•250,000 youth mentored through outdoor initiatives.

“These are some great results, and on behalf of Pheasants Forever ‘Thank You’ to the hundreds of Grassroots Conservation Campaign donors and partners,” states David R. Bue, Pheasants Forever Vice President of Development. “It is important that all upland hunters realize that the pressures being put on wildlife habitat are even greater today than they were in 2007 when Pheasants Forever launched the Campaign. Wildlife habitat is vanishing at never before seen rates, and we need the support of every upland hunter."

To continually combat the habitat challenges we face, Pheasants Forever is committed to developing new strategies, like the Grassroots Conservation Campaign, that we know will help us continue to overcome the challenges facing the upland tradition.  But, we can’t do it without your support. As we celebrate the Grassroots Conservation Campaign, we challenge you to “Give Back” by taking your support of Pheasants Forever to the next level. We ask you to consider making Pheasants Forever part of your annual budget by making an annual contribution to the organization.  We also invite you to leave a legacy by joining our Habitat Legacy Society by including a gift to Pheasants Forever in your will.

For more information on how you can pledge your annual support to Pheasants Forever or include Pheasants Forever in your estate plans, please contact please contact David Bue, PF Vice President of Development, at (218) 340-5519 - email at or Jordan Martincich, PF Development Officer, at (816) 560-1070 –