Photo Gallery: Our Pack

Adventure, love and memories:
Keeping an entire litter of bird dogs will give you more than you bargained for … in a good way.

By Christine Cunningham


A pack of pups,
each with a personality all its own.


Boss: Float plane to get here?


One more hug before playtime (Boss).


Boss: Where can a pup get a lift around here?


Boss: Ya this camo paint didn’t quite do the job.


Cogswell and spruce grouse.


Cogswell: Follow me, I know the way.


Portrait of Colt.


Colt: I think I see a bird down there.


Tundra tromp (Colt).


Colt: Thanks for the lift.


Coursing ptarmigan country (Hugo).


Portrait of Hugo.


Home away from home (Hugo).


Regal pose (Hugo).


Purdey’s spruce grouse.


Happy pair (Purdey).


Winchester, father of the pack.


Ptarmigan, hunting partners and deep thoughts (Winchester).


Puppies = joy.

Christine Cunningham lives with her pack on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, finding some time to write and photograph between canine caretaking and upland hunting adventures.