Bird Dog Trauma Training

Our bird dogs deserve more than we can provide, even in the best of circumstances. Come to the 2023 National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic's Bird Dog Trauma Training and leave with the knowledge, confidence, and equipment to provide life-saving care for your canine companions.

Join Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, members of the U.S. Army’s K9 Tactical Combat Casualty Care review board, and our partners at Purina for a hands-on training opportunity to learn life-saving field care for your bird dogs. Training will cover trauma management, bird dog nutrition, and how to safely remove your bird dogs from traps encountered in the field. Seats are limited, purchase your tickets today!

Registration Information:

» Ticket Price: $500 per person

» Class size: 20 students, per session

» Three training sessions options:
» Thursday, February 16  |  8am-3pm
» Friday, February 17  8am-3pm
» Saturday, February 18  |  8am-3pm

Each registered participant will receive:

» PF or QF Dog Life Membership to honor the bird dog of your choosing

» Bird Dog Field Trauma Kit


Training Topics Covered

Attendees will depart this training seminar with the knowledge and confidence to provide life-sustaining field care to their canine companions, nutritional expertise, and the skills to safely remove bird dogs from traps.

primary trauma management lecture and training will focus on:

Massive hemorrhage

» Gunshot

» Laceration

» Puncture


» Facial Trauma

» Chest Wounds

» Envenomation


» Tension Pnuemo-Thorax

Secondary trauma and supportive interventions will address:

» Fluid therapy

» Eye/mouth injuries

» Heat injury

» Bandaging and splinting


Attendees will treat the following wounding patterns using the K9 Diesel trauma manikin*:

» Massive Hemorrhage

» Open Chest Wound

» Tension Pnuemo-Thorax

» Needle Decompression

» Evisceration

» Closed Fractures

» Open Fractures

» Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus (“bloat”)

*NOTE: All bleeding injuries will use powder blood mix. This temporarily stains hands and can/will stain fabrics. Please dress appropriately.

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Podcast Ep. 197: Bird Dog Trauma Training with Assistance from US Special Forces

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Meet the Instructors

Bird Dog Trauma Management

Thom Sager

Senior Animal Care Program/Operations Manager for the 3rd Operational Support Group

Thom is a member of the K9 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Review Board, co-chair of the K9 TCCC sub-committee—Training & Development, and the K9 Battlefield Research and Development Manager. Thom brings the real-world expertise of 11+ deployments in support of Special Operations canine teams.

Canine Nutrition

Dr. Seth Bynum


Dr. Seth Bynum is a North Carolina native but has lived in the northwest for more than 15 years. He is a second-career veterinarian, having spent more than a decade as a writer and photographer for newspapers and magazines in Montana and Washington. When he’s not in the clinic, you’ll find Dr. Bynum outdoors with a shotgun or fly rod, accompanied by his two rambunctious German Shorthairs, River and Shine.

Canine Trap Escape

Jerry Snetsinger

'The Trap Doctor'

Jerry Snetsinger’s love of upland hunting, trapping, and bird dogs dates to his roots along the Mississippi River in 1950. Owning ancestral ties to the White Earth Tribe, this Life Member of the Ruffed Grouse Society and N.A. Trappers Association dedicates his time to helping upland hunters and trappers find common ground on public lands in Minnesota.




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