Build A Wildlife Area Program

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Help us acquire critical wildlife habitat and open it to public recreation

With the support of people like you, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever have created more than 229,000 acres of permanently protected and publicly accessible upland wildlife habitat.

Habitat protection, enhancement and public access is at the core of our mission and these key activities are at the heart of the Build a Wildlife Area program to raise funds to acquire and restore critical wildlife habitat and open it to public recreation. None of this would be possible without the generous support of public land creators like you.

What is the Build a Wildlife Area Program?

Build a Wildlife Area® is Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s permanent habitat protection program delivering strategic, fee-title acquisitions to conserve habitat and increase public hunting access. The program strives to create functional landscapes that support wild, sustainable populations of upland birds and other wildlife, while providing natural resources and community benefits.

The organization’s acquisition strategy provides solutions for the nation’s most complex sustainability issues including improved biodiversity, soil health, water stewardship, and rural economic development - while simultaneously prioritizing maximum impact for pheasants, quail and associated wildlife.

Program Success

For the benefit of pheasants, quail, and other wildlife

For the benefit of pheasants,
quail, and other wildlife

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Purchasing Property is just the beginning

By donating to our Build a Wildlife Area program, you will ensure our organization is able to secure more properties, but also put boots on the ground to restore and improve upland wildlife habitat.

Our recent Wildcat Bend North acquisition project shows that purchasing a property is just part of the story when it comes to creating healthy habitat, clean water, and public access:

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Build a Wildlife Area Success

Thanks to the support of our chapter, members, donors and partners, we have created remarkable wildlife areas and public access opportunities across the United States.


» Creates Public Access: Permanently protecting over 229,000 acres since 1982.

» Conserves Critical Habitat for Wildlife: Strategic land preservation for the benefit of upland wildlife.

» Preserves Outdoor Heritage Traditions: 27,180 hunter days were provided in 2023, along with other outdoor recreation consistent with wildlife production.

» Leverages Funds: Your contribution brings a 10:1 return on investment by leveraging grants and awards.

Program Annual Report

If you would like to discuss ways to support the Build a Wildlife Area program at a leadership level of $1,000 or more, please contact Eric Sytsma at

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Completed Projects

Creating permanently protected habitat.

Year Acres Project County
2020   Horseshoe Easement Chocise
Year Acres Project County
  349 Audubon Bar WMA Addition Fremont
  71 Christopherson Slough WPA Addition Dickinson
  40 Pilot Knob WMA Addition Worth
  141 Welch Lake WPA Addition Dickinson
2021 40 Loess Hills PF Wildlife Area Monona
2021 482 South Skunk River Addition Jasper
2020 208 McAndrews WMA Addition Jackson
2019 269 Oxbow Bottoms WMA Tama
2018 45 Buffalo Creek WMA Addition Delaware
2017 218 Lake George WMA Hancock
2011 157 Five Ridge Prairie Preserve Plymouth
2011 171 Jennet Heritage Area Story
2011 110 Ted Fariss Wildlife Area: Lundberg Slough Pocahontas
2010 305 Buffalo Creek WMA: Takes Addition Delaware
2010 897 Mississippi River Emergent Wetland Lee
2010 280 Turin WMA: RT Reese Homestead Addition Monona
2009 124 Muskrat Slough WMA Addition Jones
2009 341 Old Town Conservation Area: Romeo Tract Addition Harrison
2009 160 Ringneck Marsh Wildlife Area Clinton
2008 61 Boersma Wildlife Area Lyon
2008 123 Christian-Taylor Wildlife Area Addition Worth
2008 152 Cortright Wildlife Area Buchanan
2008 160 Ocheyedan River WMA Clay
Year Acres Project County
2012 2615 Mud Lake WMA Addition Jefferson
Year Acres Project County
2014 121 Willow Creek State Habitat Area Edgar
2010 1,000 Forever Fields Upland Management Area Knox
2010 108 Busby-Meyer Wildlife Area Vermillion
Year Acres Project County
2018 1,080 Veteran's Wildlife Area Sherman
2014 484 Tuttle Creek Wildlife Area: Blue Valley Wildlife Area Addition Pottawatomie
Year Acres Project County
2022 143 Caron WMA Addition Martin
2021 38 Akron WMA Addition Wilkin
2021 15 Beaver Creek WMA Addition Fillmore
2021 292 Herberger Lake WMA Addition Douglas
2021 63 Lambert Prairie WMA Addition Nobles
2021 46 Maple River WMA Addition Blue Earth
2020 960 Cupido WMA Addition Norman
2019 293 Joe Duggan Family WMA & WPA Jackson
2017 167 Gary Clancy WMA Blue Earth
2017 128 Kunkel WMA Addition Mille Lacs
2014 280 Finden WPA Pope
2014 147 Lake Bella WMA: North West Unit (Worthington Wells tract) Nobles
2014 640 Minnesota Veterans WMA Wright
2013 762 Gun Lake WMA Aitkin
2013 104 Kvernmo WMA Lincoln
2012 197 Mel Roehrl WMA Stearns
2011 185 Randall WPA Kandiyohi
2009 65 Pelican Lake WPA Wright
2009 124 Teal Lake WMA Jackson
2008 372 Art Hawkins WPA Grant
2007 1,031 Roger M. Holmes WMA Douglas
2007 155 Wachter WMA Nobles
2006 159 Buck Family Memorial WMA Goodhue
2006 310 Winter WMA: West Unit Pipestone
2005 240 Chetomba Creek WMA Renville
2004 400 Hunters Paradise WMA Traverse
2003 318 Mud Lake WMA: Morrison County Unit Morrison
Year Acres Project County
2021 40 Flaxville WPA Addition Daniels
2018 263 Teton River Wildlife Area Teton
2016 80 Mission Valley Wildlife Area Lake
2011 1003 Wolf Creek Fergus
2002 802 Coffee Creek Fergus
Year Acres Project County
2021 77 Saline Wetland Protection: Olson South Tract Lancaster
2020 156 Saline Wetland Protection Lancaster
2010 11 UP Railroad Donation Washington
2010 119 Helmuth Tract Lancaster
Year Acres Project County
2022 299 Beaver Family Tracts Marion
2021 415 Mallet Family Tract Marion
2011 94 Foreman Tract Union
Year Acres Project County
2019 10 Arbuckle Springs Wildlife Management Area Johnston
Year Acres Project County
2021 439 Kessler GPA Day
2021 27 Frozen Man Creek GPA - Tract 2 Stanley
2013 25 Wisebecker WPA Addition Minnehaha
2013 27 Voelker WPA Addition Minnehaha
2012 123 McKenzie WPA Addition McCook
Year Acres Project County
2019 94 Revere Wildlife Management Area Polk
Year Acres Project County
2022 183 McCann Fishery Area Addition Chippewa
2018 40 Meadowlark WPA: Addition Polk
2014 714 Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area Rock
2013 45 Lower Wolf River WMA Addition Waupaca
2013 82 Hallie Mars