Photo Gallery: CONTOURS

Navigating the waves of a prairie ocean for sharptails, solitude, and the sound of wind lapping against the grass.

Pictures and words by Tom Carpenter


Let's go!


A land as big as the sky.


Waves of shortgrass: sharptail country.


Asters: Summer's not quite over.


Final blooms.


Riding the crest of a wave: Success.


Colors of the prairie: Tympanuchus close-up.


Resting up: Found ‘em in the snowberries.


It’ll take an hour to get there: Let’s set sail.


Worth the voyage.


The prairie doesn’t tame easily.


Forgotten … or just left behind.


Where once there was a hayfield.


Old homestead: Quiet stories whispered to the sky.


Porthole to the prairie.


Winding creekbottom, dry.


Sunset through a feather.


Tuckered out.

Tom Carpenter is editor at Pheasants Forever.