Washington State Habitat Program

Pheasants Forever has set up this donation page to support local restoration efforts. 93 cents of every dollar donated will go to aid post fire restoration efforts. This includes projects such as seedings, herbicide applications, planting trees and shrubs, removing fences, installing new fences, installing new watering facilities, and more. This is just a short list of possible projects and efforts will be focused to have the greatest impact for the community and the wildlife.

The implementation of all funding from donations will be overseen by Pheasants Forever, WDFW, and local partners to ensure funding is directed towards efforts that the community is in support of. Additionally, projects will be selected based on the best available data and tools in order to have the greatest conservation impact on the landscape. These tools include, but are not limited to, WDFW State Action Plan, Arid Lands Initiative Strategic Map, Rangeland Analysis Platform, Sage Grouse Priority Areas, Mule Deer Strategic Plan, and others as needed.

When we work together across boundaries for a shared vision, everybody wins. Thank you for your support.


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