Donation + Upland Field Cleaning Kit

Special Donation - $47

D Donation
Special Donation

Donation Benefits

Make a timely tax-deductible donation to Pheasants Forever and have confidence your contributions are making a difference on the ground for upland wildlife and your hunting heritage. Since 1982, Pheasants Forever has turned your membership and donation dollars into more than 551,000 historical habitat projects and 19 million acres of wildlife habitat.

Special Gifts

  • FREE Quail Forever Upland Field Cleaning Kit with donation of $47 or more
  • Large PF stainless-steel fillet knife with 7” blade
  • Medium PF stainless-steel fillet knife with 5.5” blade
  • Small PF stainless-steel field knife with 4.5” blade
  • Durable locking game shears with bone breaking notch
  • Packable snap-closure carrying case with PF embroidery

Additional Information

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Fair Market Value: $27.00 Your contribution deduction is limited to the excess of the membership fee paid over the fair market value of the premiums provided. ***Please Note: Gift cards cannot be used toward the payment of memberships or donations.

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