Rooster Road Trip Preview:

The Gear Used by the Road Trip Crew

As we get ready to share the 12th year highlights, mishaps, and adventures that come with a week-long public land hunting trip, it’s important to acknowledge that none of this would be possible without our sponsors. In addition to helping us provide inspiration for you to take your own Rooster Road Trip, information about our local chapter and organizational successes, and some great upland content to binge this fall, these sponsors are moving the needle for our mission of upland habitat conservation.

That said, we’re not here to sugar coat anything – the gear you see is the gear we used and the products we’d recommend. If it made it in the truck, it’s worthwhile and certainly worth you looking into, so please consider supporting those who supported us: Ruff Land Kennels, Browning firearms and apparel, Garmin training collars and tech, Thorogood boots, SoundGear hearing protection and enhancement, Federal Ammunition, Apple Autos, and South Dakota Tourism.

Browning Citori Hunter

The Browning Citori Hunter paired with the midweight shirt and Bird’N Lite Strap Vest 2.0 is a tough combination to beat in the field.

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Prairie Storm

Federal Ammunition not only drops birds, but it also helps create them. Look for the Pheasants Forever logo on the box of their Prairie Storm ammunition and feel confident with their shells’ performance in the field and with the fact you’re helping put more habitat on the ground.

Garmin Alpha 10

The new Garmin Alpha 10 stole the show with its compact design, intuitive controls, and at-a-glance dog tracking capabilities. Added to this, the ability to pair with the EXPLORE app gives this small unit some of the same functionality as the larger Alpha devices. Speaking of which, you can connect it to other Garmin devices to keep track of your hunting companions while taking on larger swaths of habitat.

The Garmin Alpha 10’s toggle control makes selecting from the 18 levels of stimulation, tone/vibration, and hunt tracking a breeze.

SoundGear Instant Fit

The SoundGear Instant Fit hearing protection and enhancement devices are so comfortable and effective that it was common for folks to forget they were still wearing them at the end of the day.

SoundGear Phantom

Have you heard of the SoundGear Phantom? If not, go ahead and click that link because you don’t want to miss out on the world’s first custom Bluetooth rechargeable, hearing aid and protection device. We’ve been lucky enough to watch this tech come to life, now you’re lucky enough to get a pair for yourself – you won’t look back.

Ruff Land kennel

No assembly, no bolts to rattle around, no seams, no excuse to not kennel your bird dog in a one-piece roto-molded Ruff Land kennel. Whether you’re bumping around on a slick two-track or flying down the freeway in search of far-off adventure, take your dog’s safety seriously and kennel them up!


Featuring the FLITECONTROL wad and FLITESTOPPER pellet technology, we shot Federal Ammunition Prairie Storm FS Steel – and quite effectively if we may say so.

Browning Maxus II Hunter

The Browning Maxus II Hunter’s smooth cycling and light weight quickly turned it into the gun everyone wanted to shoot. If you want to give it a try for yourself, make sure to go the Rooster Road Trip landing page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page for a chance to win this same shotgun!

3-layer Upland Gore-Tex Jacket

Putting the Browning 3-layer Upland Gore-Tex Jacket to the test wasn’t something the crew was really counting on – but Mother Nature can be fickle and we were beyond happy with how this stood up against the the deluge we experienced.

Thorogood bomb-proof boots

Although still relatively new to us, Thorogood has been making bomb-proof boots in the USA for more than 125 years – and it shows. We put the 1957 Series Flyway 8” and Flyway 6” boots through their paces and the moc toe stitching still looks good as new.

The Thorogood 1957 Series Flyway 6” boots put on miles in a variety of terrain and withstood a variety of conditions.

Ruff Land Ventilation Fan

Early season hunts with high temperatures can give dog owners fits, help keep your pups cool with a Ruff Land Ventilation Hanging Bracket Fan that connects to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or hitch power connector.

Gamin Watches & more

From GPS units for you vehicle, to a variety of watches that will sync to your training collar, Garmin has created an entire ecosystem of products that all work together to keep you and your bird dog pointed in the right direction with minimal effort and distraction.

Apple Autos

Throughout the Rooster Road Trip’s history, one of the more painful experiences is having to return the Apple Autos’ Ford F-150. Featuring a 2.7L V6 ECOBOOST engine that took us more than 1,800 miles from door-to-door, we were ecstatic with the fuel economy and storage capacity that allowed us to travel in style, safety, and comfort all week long.

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Sincerest thanks to our partners riding shotgun: Apple Autos, Browning, Federal Premium Ammunition, Garmin, Ruff Land Kennels, SoundGear, South Dakota Tourism, and Thorogood Boots.