Shooting Sports

Pheasants Forever as an organization is devoted to the future of shooting sports to help ignite a passion that can change someone’s life forever. Our shooting sports programs are designed as gateways for individuals into the world of shooting, upland hunting, and conservation. As a recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) strategy we aim to introduce thousands of individuals annually to shooting sports through a variety of community-based programs and engaging events.

Strong PF chapters have effective leadership and a sense of purpose within their community. Successful outreach programs spark chapter excitement, help recruit enthusiastic leaders, and provide a local investment. Safe and effective local shooting sports programs are a natural progression to passing on our hunting heritage and developing leaders in wildlife conservation. All of this will strengthen our chapters, increase membership, and ensure more mission!


    • Pheasants Forever does not offer any national scholastic shooting team grants, because our unique grassroots model empowers our chapters with the responsibility to determine how their locally raised funds are spent to achieve the mission. That being said, local Chapters can adopt local shooting teams or create teams and help them earn dollars that will support them forever. Chapters that support teams are highly encouraged to annually sign and submit a Shooting for Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that establishes a mutually beneficial partnership between the PF Chapter and the shooting team. This is a great way for chapters of Pheasants Forever to get even more involved in their communities and to help young people learn firearm safety and perfect their shooting skills.
    • To show our appreciation to the shooting sports community and as part of our R3 efforts to engage more people into outdoor activities, we are inviting shooting sports coaches and student athletes to the 2022 Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic in Omaha, NE on March 11th – 13th and providing complimentary show floor tickets. In order to receive the tickets teams must follow the directions (more detailed info later) and simply wear their shooting jerseys when they attend. We are also excited to once again present the “Path to the Uplands” stage that will feature a diverse lineup of presenters aimed at inspiring people to get outdoors including Shooting Sports Sunday.
    • For more information about shooting sports opportunities in your area, please contact your local Pheasants Forever chapter today!
    • The MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Account Program provides a mechanism to build long term financial support for the team today and forever.


Clays for Conservation

    • Clays for Conservation is the perfect excuse to invite your local community out for a fun, relaxed day spent at the sporting clays course or trap range. This is the ideal event for all ages and skill levels and should be used to introduce your chapter and all the hard work you do to new people while bolstering support from familiar faces and sponsors.
    • Goals and objectives are simple:
      • Raise money for wildlife conservation and outdoor education programs.
      • Build an upland community. Opportunities to meet new people and make connections.
      • Have some fun, earn some bragging rights, and prepare for the upcoming hunting season.

Learn to Shoot

    • The objective of this program is specifically designed to provide knowledge, skills, and an introduction to shooting sports, through education and interaction with experienced instructors and positive hands-on skill building activities in a controlled setting. We plan to deliver LTS events via the collaborative efforts of chapter volunteers, staff, and valued partners across the country to Recruit, Retain and Reactivate more sportsmen and women. These events allow participants to experience wingshooting, while educating them on the importance of firearm safety, conservation, and outdoor ethics. Ultimately, we want to create a Path to the Uplands that leads a new recreational shooting enthusiast to purchase a hunting license and become a part of the conservation community!



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