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Adopt-a-Game-Area Program

Pheasants Forever, Inc. and the MI DNR are proud to present the MI Adopt-A-Game Area Program - an exciting new model for conservation that allows you to support establishment and maintenance of diverse grasslands on public lands that you use and enjoy.

It's no secret that grasslands are one of the fastest disappearing ecosystems on the planet, and Michigan has been no exception to this rule. Historically, Southern Michigan was dominated by a patchwork of tallgrass prairie, oak savanna, and woodlands. Called the "Prairie/Hardwood Transition Zone", this habitat mosaic was maintained by periodic wildfires and deliberate burns set by Native Americans. It may be hard to believe now, but this landscape once supported such iconic grassland species as Plains Bison, Greater Prairie Chickens, and many other species that are exclusively associated with the American Great Plains today. After settlement of this region by Europeans, the productive soils and relative lack of trees made grasslands prime candidates for conversion to Agriculture. This agricultural conversion, together with suppression of wildfires, has led to a dichotomous landscape of intensive agriculture and mature woodlands in Southern Michigan.

The Adopt-A-Game Area Program is an opportunity for the public - individuals, clubs, foundations, corporations, etc. - to help re-establish native grasslands on select State Game Areas throughout Southern Michigan.

Grasslands established through this program will improve water and air quality in Michigan, and will support a vast array of wildlife species, including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ring-necked pheasant, cottontail rabbit, grassland nesting songbirds, monarch butterflies, and other native pollinators. Additionally, because all habitat work will take place on lands open to public recreation, Michigan residents will benefit from improved opportunities for wildlife viewing, hunting, and other wildlife-based outdoor recreation.

Disappearing grasslands are a threat to us all. You can help by becoming a sponsor today! Earn Gold (over $25,000), Silver (over $5,000) or Bronze (over $500) with your tax-deductible donation*.

Sponsors will receive their names/logos on the following as recognition for their donations:

  • On the kiosk sign at the Game, Wildlife, or Recreation area that you sponsored**
  • On this website and the Michigan Pheasants Forever Facebook page
  • On the MI DNR website
  • In the Pheasants Forever Magazine "Michigan Highlights" section
  • In an annual press release
  • In publicity material developed for your organization's use

Help us establish grassland habitat on Michigan public lands by donating today!


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