Hunting,Shotguns & Shooting  |  06/01/2017

Gun Review: Fabarm L4S Sporting

Fabarm’s L4S sporting is the latest version of this newcomer to the gas gun market. The 3-inch hunting model, introduced two years ago, makes a great field gun. Mine has been terrific on doves and ringnecks. It looks good, too, if you like the modernistic Euro-styling that’s a Fabarm hallmark.
New for 2017, the L4S sporting model has a beefed up target stock and a 30-inch, 2 ¾-inch chambered barrel with a wide rib. It offers extras like extended tubes and an enlarged bolt handle and magazine release. The L4S Sporting also comes with five extended choke tubes, stock shims and a hard case all for $1850.
A look underneath the hood reveals gas system parts and a bolt that are smooth and polished and virtually without tool marks. It almost seemed a shame to get those pretty inside parts dirty, but I shot several rounds of low gun skeet with it anyway. The L4S is light for a target gun at 7 ¼ pounds, and it proved responsive and easy to hit with. This gun cycled slow 7/8 and ¾ ounce reloads and soaked up the recoil of stouter 1 1/8 ounce factory ammo impressively.  I let a couple of other shooters try it and could have sold the gun then and there to one of them. He stood at station 4, hammering crossers with the gun and gushing over the hard hits to the targets and soft shoves to his shoulder.
The L4S is easy to clean. The action spring is on the magazine tube, not tucked away in the stock where it’s hard to get at. The gun does have an odd double magazine cap system. The first, which remains attached, is for removing the forend. The second, underneath the forend, holds the barrel ring in place. If nothing else, the system prevents shooters from cranking the cap on so tightly that it binds.
The stock has a combination of checkering and stippling on its gripping surfaces. My only complaint is with the stock’s Triwood finish. It’s an artificial grain enhancement that Italians seem to love, and I can’t stand. I’d much rather have plain walnut. Another cosmetic touch – and this one I like -- is the red anodized finish on the mag cap, bolt handle and closer. The splashes of red serve to set the gun apart, and they will make it easier for you to pick your gun out from the others in the rack, at least, it will until everyone starts shooting the L4S.
Story by Phil Bourjaily
Photo courtesy of FABARM USA