Shotguns & Shooting  |  10/06/2015

2015 Shotgun Preview: Syren USA ELOS Venti / 20 Gauge

Syren is a great line of shotguns that has become extremely popular over the past few years. This is a line of shotguns designed exclusively for the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports – women! Syren is the one company that has taken notice of this new group of shooters and hunters and has built their entire line around them.
They have learned that this group of shooters does not compromise. Their shotguns are designed just for women and led by women. From their female management team to the female pro staff all are intimately involved in every firearm designed with no compromise when it comes to women shooters and their needs.
You will see the attention to detail in the ELOS Venti with the 13.875” length of pull and the raised comb to account for a woman’s shorter arm span and longer neck. All this on beautiful Turkish walnut stock with feminine floral engravings and a Titanium Silver receiver. The combination of features and sleek lines on the Venti make this the perfect shotgun for the woman target shooter and hunter.  
Women hunters and shooters need to take a close look at the entire Syren line when they decide to purchase their next shotgun. After shooting firearms designed for men, shooter Lacey Anderson found the ELOS Venti a very refreshing change compared to the firearms she has shot and owned in the past!