Hunting,Shotguns & Shooting  |  09/28/2015

2015 Shotgun Preview: Franchi Affinity / 20 Gauge

We first reviewed the Franchi Affinity in 2012 but in the 12 gauge version, and now, new for 2015, we have our first look at the 20 gauge version. Obviously the first thing you will notice is the overall size, as it is built on a true 20 gauge frame—pick it up and you will find it to be just under a full pound lighter than its 12 gauge big brother! This makes it perfect for those long days in the field. 

It is a sleek, semi-auto 20 gauge that comes in black, camo (three patterns to choose from), or – for the upland hunter that prefers the rich look and feel of a classic wood finish – it is now available in “A” grade satin walnut. 

Franchi, a Benelli company, uses the versatile Inertia Driven action that allows you to shoot the light target loads and the heavy 3” magnums without changing a thing. The Affinity 20 gauge is available only with a 26” barrel and weighs in at just 5.6 pounds. 

Our shooters fired just over 1,500 rounds without a single malfunction, attesting to the gun’s reliability. Shooter and longtime Pheasants Forever volunteer, Brian Nelson, found the Affinity 20 gauge to be a favorite due to a great overall fit and the superb balance of this shotgun.